Friday, February 13, 2015

Fahmy wonders why Canada won't "bring him home"

Mohamed Fahmy, the Canadian-Egyptian journalist ensconced in a Cairo prison for over a year, for allegedly aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood, wondered aloud today about why Canada has not done more to bring him home.

The Muslim Brotherhood, as you may recall, won the last free election held in Egypt. Many would argue that they won the only free election ever held in Egypt.

When the reactionary blowback from al-Sisi's forces shuffled the democratically elected Morsi off to prison, nobody applauded longer and harder than the Government of Canada.

At last the people of Egypt had an opportunity to pursue true democracy by overthrowing a democratically elected leader. In hindsight it looks like a trial run for the Ukraine coup.

The Nations of Virtue are all about democracy till the people in some foreign land elect someone who does not have the stamp of approval from the Nations of Virtue, and suddenly deposing a democratically elected government becomes a virtuous blow for democracy!

Ya, I know; I can't follow the logic either...

Fahmy, the think-tank here at Falling Downs has nothing but the best hopes for you, and we hereby extend an invite to our famous Canada Day celebration on July 1. Hope you can make it.

(Just hot-dogs, burgers, and lots of beer, but if you can make it we'll bust the budget and throw on some steaks!)

However, we are driven by duty to explain why Canada isn't doing more for you.

The Harper gang doesn't like Arabs, unless they're buying stuff, especially Arabs who don't dance to the tune of the great democratic Emirs of the Gulf statelets and the King of Saudi Arabia.

Let's not pussy-foot around; Fahmy, in official Ottawa circles, you stink.

And if you think your 400 plus days of confinement was a tough row to hoe, think about your fellow Canadians Maher Arar and Omar Khadr.

Their respective ordeals make your 400 days a cake-walk in comparison!

So buck up, stop whining, and we hope to see you July 1st!

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