Saturday, February 28, 2015

Canada's submarine fleet now stalking the seven seas...

...or at least as far out into the seven seas as those air hoses will reach from Esquimalt and Halifax!

In one of the greatest boondoggles ever perpetrated on the Canadian taxpayer by our ruling class, our sub fleet has cost billions and is deemed three-quarters seaworthy a mere seventeen years after their purchase. Bear in mind they were ten years old and considered obsolete when the Brits sold them to us, and you begin to get a sense of the senselessness of this fiasco.

Canada needs a sub fleet for what? All we ever read about the Royal Canadian Navy is the yeoman's work they do as me-too tag-alongs in NATO exercises and providing back-up to the DEA in the "war on drugs." Sure we have lots of coastline, and these submarines are going to protect them from what?

A Russian invasion?

A US invasion?

Not likely...

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