Saturday, February 28, 2015


When the supposed al-Shabaab video came out a week ago threatening the Ghermezian malls in Alberta and Minnesota, the only people who pretended to take it seriously were the nabobs in Ottawa who are desperately trolling for terror threats of all types in order to whip up support for their draconian anti-democratic Bill C-51. After all, al-Shabaab has never hit a target more than a day's donkey-cart drive from the border of Somalia.

But a week later, our resolve to stand strong in the face of ludicrously implausible terror threats is beginning to crumble. At last count, no less than twelve cheer-leading squads have dropped out of the Alberta Cheer-leading Association Championships, scheduled to begin next week at West Edmonton Mall.

Those vile al-Shabaabbers have struck a blow at the heart of Western civilization...

Is nothing sacred?

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