Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Air rapidly leaking out of Waco false flag balloon

Have a gander at the Waco Police Department Facebook page and it looks like the ruminations of Sgt. Swanton are still getting broad public support.

At least for now.

But that's changing fast. Stories like this one at NBC News aren't helping authorities make their outlandish story stick. NBC profiles three of the dead "hardcore criminals" caught in the police ambush and reports that they were regular family guys who didn't even own guns.

Then there's the "bikers are domestic terrorists" angle being flogged by the government. We know that because lots of "experts" are willing to sell their souls for a chance to get on TV and say so. 

When you've got a big story like this, it even makes it into the foreign press. It's worth having a look at how it's reported in The Independent.

While this mainstream Brit news platform repeats all the official stuff spouted by Sgt. Swanton, if you read far enough you'll eventually get to this;

Not able entirely to agree is Edward Winterhalder, a former Bandido himself who wrote the book, Out in Bad Standings: Inside the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. “You get a few guys whacked out on meth and everyone wants to help their brothers out and that’s how fights start,” he said. “Most of the guys, around 60 or 70 per cent, are just regular guys. They all have jobs, they have families and they don’t get involved in crime... They all have visual means of support.”

Hmm... regular guys with jobs? As a matter of fact, that's pretty much been the case with any so-called outlaw bikers I've crossed paths with on the road of life.

Then you've got a website called The Ageing Rebel that tells us one of the "hardened criminal gangs" present at the Twin Peaks last Sunday was none other that those hell-hounds, HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry.

Yup, bikers for Jesus.

The entire tale made no sense when it first hit the headlines on Sunday afternoon. The more that actual facts emerge, the less sense it makes.

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