Saturday, May 16, 2015

What I learned today from Canada's national newspaper of record

We're at $4.75 for the Saturday Globe and Mail at Chow Dong's variety store in Wiarton.

Just so you know... I obviously take the news seriously.

What did I learn today?

Well, I read the whole thing cover to cover, and what I learned is that Islam is seriously messed up.

Yup, there's something wrong with that religion.

Right there on page F3 Elizabeth Renzetti has an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. That's the Somalian woman who has carved out a great career in the West by slamming Islam.

Normally I have a certain amount of respect for Ms. Renzetti. She's generally more on top of things than her idiot partner, who also happens to write for the same national newspaper of record.

Ya, I know...

But I think she dropped the ball with today's story.

Hirsi Ali, like Canada's own Irshad Manji, has an axe to grind and books to sell. The "Islam is intrinsically evil" trope is a big hit in the West. Both Ali and Manji have been flogging it to death, pun intended.

Not that there's anything punny about flogging anything to death....

But back to Renzetti's interview with our prized Islamic rebel Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is apparently Islam's iteration of Martin Luther.

No shit!

So she gotta be great!

Hmm... all I see in that interview is how there is something inherently "wrong" with Islam...

There's gotta be... after all, how else to account for all that extremist Islamic terror?

Well, you could start by addressing France's war on Algeria...

Israel's relentless ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem...

America's (and the me-too ass-kisser states) wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria...

There's something fundamentally amiss in Islam?

The biggest problem with Islam is that the Nations of Virtue have been bombing them to ratshit for the last fifty years.

Unless of course they are totalitarian puppet states who agree to spend their oil booty on lots and lots of bombs and guns manufactured by their betters in the Nations of Virtue.

No wonder the Muslims are pissed off!

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