Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Christian soldiers of the drug cartels have chopped off more heads than Islamic fanatics of ISIS

The most brutal theatre in America's "War on Drugs" has long been Mexico, especially after W made Mexican president Felipe Calderon an offer he couldn't refuse back in '06. It's been up up and away ever since for the body count... even after Calderon himself had second thoughts and opined that it might be a good idea to consider the legalization of drugs.

And you've got to respect the Christian bona fides of those cartel soldiers; check out how the cartels deal out drugs and violence with religious fervor.

It's a mystery why the "War on Drugs" still has oxygen after years and years and decades of abject failure... then again, it's not much of a mystery at all. The War on Drugs continues to be highly profitable for any number of stake-holders; law enforcement, the military, drone-builders, gun manufacturers, the penal-industrial complex... holy shit, the US economy would go broke without the war on drugs!

So this story can only mean good news to the drugs war profiteers; seems the Jalisco Cartel shot down a Mexican military helicopter at the weekend.


That has caused the Mexican government to declare "all-out war" on the cartels. Apparently they've just been pussy-footing around till now...


You can rest easy folks... the war on drugs will be won for good any day now.

Or not.

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