Sunday, May 24, 2015

US miffed that Iraqis not enthusiastic enough about killing each other

That's the take-away from today's interview with Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on CNN.

Seems that after all the training we've given them and all the weapons we've given them, the one thing we can't give them is the will to fight. That's why the Iraqi army will abandon the vast stores of arms we've given them to ISIS and light out for the horizon at the first sign of trouble. There's just something innately cowardly in the Iraqi character...

That's why even if we give them billions more in weapons and training, it'll all go to waste without American boots on the ground.

That, in a nutshell, is where the latest propaganda initiative of the perpetual war crowd wants to take American public opinion, and this CNN spot is just the latest thrust in that propaganda war.

In reality, there may be something at work here other than a lack of will. Maybe ISIS wins their easy victories because they enjoy substantial popular support among the Sunni population. After all, why should they trust the Shia Government? Why should they trust the US? Why should they rise up against the Sunni resistance, aka ISIS, to further the interests of the US and Iran?

They're not cowards. They're just getting wise to the Washington interlopers who have destroyed their country.

And let's hope the American public gets wise too as the drum-beat for more war intensifies.

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