Sunday, May 17, 2015

GOP announce Jindal-Trump ticket for 2016

Well, its not actually the GOP, it's just the think tank here at Falling Downs.

But think about it. That's a combo that could grow legs, and long ones at that.

That's a combo that could take Hillary to the wood-shed.

The fact that whupping Hillary a year and a half out utterly consumes the GOP and the media speaks volumes re: the dismal state of American democracy.

Bobby Jindal. When I was a kid, the idea that a Paki could possibly find himself in the governor's mansion in the great state of Louisiana would have been met with unmitigated ridicule.

Unless he was there to serve tea.

But hey, he's got this far, why not go all the way?

After all, he's proven his bona fides as an unquestioning mouthpiece for big money.

And why not The Donald as his second fiddle? After all, Donald is the great American success story personified... all he did was inherit Daddy's tenement empire. Given the straight line that NYC real estate has made straight up over the past 50 years, how could he not become a billionaire? We'll just forget about all those failed casinos for the moment, which should work out OK, because if there's one thing the American voter is good at, it's forgetting.

The race is on!

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