Monday, May 25, 2015

Dallas Morning News clears up mysteries surrounding Waco biker massacre

Read it for yourself.

It was a set-up from the beginning.

The Bandidos were somehow colluding with the police to burn the Cossacks.

According to the Dallas Morning News, their sources "largely corroborate" the police story.


Not at all.

Sgt. Swanton was unambiguous in claiming the mayhem started inside the restaurant, not in the parking lot, in his first presser ninety minutes after the fact. He claimed that he'd never seen such carnage in his lengthy career as he'd seen in that restaurant.

In that restaurant.

That's what he said.

So yesterday the Dallas Morning News comes up with a yarn that sources the genesis of the massacre in the parking lot, and then goes on to claim their story corroborates the official police line.

I've got a suggestion that might help clear the air.

Release all the CCTV video that is currently being suppressed by the Waco Police Department.

Release the autopsy results. How many of the bikers were felled by police-issue ammo?

If Sgt. Swanton has been truthful, I want to apologize for casting aspersions on his proclamations.

If he hasn't, I want to know why this story has disappeared.

Either way, we deserve to know the truth.

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