Monday, May 25, 2015

Steve Blaney - what an idiot!

What the hell is a "Public Safety Minister" anyway? Does not that title in itself imply that all the other Ministers are reckless of public safety? It reminds me of the local school board coming up with the extremely well-paid sinecure of "Superintendent of Student Success." Were all the other extremely well-paid superintendents devoting themselves to student failure?

Anyway, Blaney is deemed newsworthy today because he was busy flogging the make-Canada-a-police-state Bill C-51 in front of a Senate Committee.

Apparently we can't have prosperity without security. This is somehow proved by the fact that ten kids from Quebec were turned back last week on their mission to help Islamic State remove the evil Assad from power.

Seems to me we've got two completely distinct issues here.



I remember a time when Canada enjoyed both. At the same time.

That was long before we sold our souls in dubious "free trade" agreements of course.

And long before we enjoyed the ministrations of a "Public Safety Minister."

Blaney seems to imply that today we don't have prosperity because we're not sufficiently gung-ho about applauding the latest improvements to the police state apparatus.

Not sure what place those ten Quebec teens have in the equation...

After all, they just want to help Islamic State dislodge the evil tyrant Assad from power. Both Big Steve and former FM John Baird told us time and again how important it was to finish that job.

But suddenly these teens who are voluntarily heading into theatre on their own dime to do just that are terrorists?

And the Harper gang need new security measures to keep them in check?

This simply does not add up.

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