Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pot-addled hillbilly beats Globe and Mail to Saudi human rights abuses by a year...

... and then some!

I see where the ever-tactful Canadian newspaper of record has finally discovered that there may be some serious human rights concerns viz. that 15 billion dollar contract to sell armoured personnel carriers to the Saudi government.

Our good pals the Saudis have one of the most abysmal records on the planet when it comes to human rights. But not to worry; they also have a shit-load of money to spend.

After a thorough investigation the think tank here at Falling Downs concluded more than a year ago that the sale of 5,000 armed and armoured troop carriers would enhance human rights in Saudi Arabia!

Ya, that conclusion may be somewhat counter-intuitive, but I think our research proved our point. The Saudis will use those armoured cars to get folks home safely from the underground gay bars in Riyadh. Not to mention spiriting the Ethiopian guest-workers to the beach.

Or not.

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