Saturday, May 2, 2015

Big Steve does Baghdad

Stephen Harper paid a surprise visit to Iraq today, to meet up with the latest US-installed stooge in the capital, and also to pose for photo-ops with our brave men and women out on the front lines, training up the Kurds for their fight against the evil-doers.

Those Kurds are a funny lot. They've not let concepts like "democracy" blight their culture, but they're pretty OK with concepts like polygamy and female genital mutilation.

Yup, they're our kinda folks alright!

Earlier in the week Big Steve hosted King Abdullah of Jordan right here in Ottawa. Apparently Jordan is one of our besties in the ME these days.

Jordan is one of those freedom-loving nations where they don't mind torturing folks who don't love freedom enough.

And rightly so!

After all, if your country is not all in with the Nations of Virtue, you're probably some kinda terrorist-loving nest of iniquity...

Whilst in Baghdad, Big Steve pledged 139 millions in "extra" aid to Iraqi refugees.

Ya right!

Don't hold your breath, Iraqi refugees...

Big Steve has mastered the art of the artful photo-op and the empty promise.

How is that fleet of Canadian ice-breakers coming along?

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