Friday, May 22, 2015

The Waco police ambush - prepping the public for Jade Helm?

In order to get the public onside with the odious Jade Helm exercises to be held this summer, it's important to have people believe that there are evil-doers among us, and that brave men and women in uniform are all that stand between law and order and utter bedlam.

Since 9/11 the threat of jihadist attacks has been the main excuse those in power have used to justify turning America into a police state, but let's face it; the jihadists have been a bit of a disappointment. They're just not a credible threat any more. We need something a little scarier.

After all, you can't justify Jade Helm, a military exercise aimed at the enemy within, without having some realistic domestic enemy.

Voila! Violent criminal biker gangs! Unlike home-grown Islamic terrorists, bikers actually exist! And look at how violent and scary they are! Oooohhh, we really need protection from those violent criminals who are operating right out in the open as if they own America... or at least Texas!

So we get this outlandish story from Waco. Two hundred bikers, hardened violent desperadoes every one, converging on the Twin Peaks restaurant with mayhem in mind. Sure enough, all hell breaks loose. The violence escalates. From fists to blades to chains to at least thirty gun-wielding outlaws firing off hundreds of rounds as the innocent non-biker patrons cower in fear!

Finally they turn their weapons on the police, who, fearing the worst, had conveniently assembled a swat team in advance. That's when the bad guys get their comeuppance. They may be hardened violent criminals, but they are no match for the forces of righteousness. Nine of the evil-doers are immediately dispatched to their reward; a further 18 are hospitalized with bullet wounds, and 170 are taken into custody.

At least that's the yarn police spokesman Sgt. Swanton has been spinning since Sunday.

Too bad it's turning out to be virtually 100% bullshit.

Turns out most of the "violent criminals" had no criminal records of any kind.

Twin Peaks management has shown in-store CCTV video to Associated Press which contradicts virtually everything Sgt. Swanton told us went down in the restaurant last Sunday.

Far from hundreds of criminal bikers converging on Waco with mayhem in mind, this was a scheduled meeting of a motorcyclist lobby group that's been getting together regularly for almost twenty years.

It's time for Sgt. Swanton to come clean.

Release the autopsy reports. How many of those guys were shot by police?

Release all the video evidence. Let the public decide if you're telling the truth.

Release those 170 people (a million dollars bond each???) being held hostage in your war on bikers.

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