Thursday, May 28, 2015

Death changes everything...

That's hardly an original observation... just google it and you'll see.

We've been struggling with assorted health issues among the elders in the clan. A spot of Parkinson's here, cancer here and there, dementia all over the place, triple and quadruple by-passes...

Hold on tight Mabel, the ship is goin' down!

Tonight a very pretty Porsche 944 went slinking through the S-bends in front of Falling Downs, east to west.

Last night a 928 sailed by in the opposite direction.

Last summer during the Cobble Beach Concours we had a million dollar Porsche parade blast past the place. Multiple times. That parade was neither slinking nor sailing; it was positively writhing.

My friend Mike took delivery of his new factory-order hemi Challenger this week. Mike's a guy my age. Couldn't afford a hemi Challenger on the first go-round. Been waiting for his chance ever since.

Lost his wife six months ago. He loved his wife. Fully acknowledged that she was smarter than him. Made more money than him. Better looking too.

He could never have bought that hemi Challenger if she was still in the picture.

Death changes everything.

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