Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Toronto soccer yob loses job over FHRITP drollery

Apparently there's a trend afoot in the world 'o jocks to express their jocularity and reclaim their masculinity by disrupting female media types with misogynistic heckling while they are on air.

Isn't that hilarious?

It's got something to do with getting vengeance for the last fifty years of being emasculated by man-hating feminists who think they can do manly work like being TV sportscasters. Or something.

Shauna Hunt, a Toronto broadcaster covering a soccer game on the weekend, aired an exchange with a couple of these macho men and it's gone viral. Now one of the dudes finds his job is gone.

Engineer at Hydro One would be a good gig; well into the six numbers I'm sure. Being fired from Hydro One makes it tough to land another gig. That's because a) it happens so rarely everybody will assume there's something seriously wrong with the guy, and b) everybody knows that once you've worked at Hydro One for more than a few months your work ethic has been hopelessly compromised.

So good luck to Buddy on the job hunt, and here's hoping it'll make other guys think twice before impressing their pals with a little "harmless heckling" of the nearest female reporter.

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