Thursday, May 28, 2015

Silence of the liberal lambs

Let me throw down my "liberal" bona fides right here. I'm well to the left of most so-called liberals in America.

Free public education to the university level.

Single-payer health care.

A guaranteed annual income for EVERYBODY.

Pubic housing on a scale that eliminates homelessness. For everyone.

A tax structure that taxes the rich more than the poor, like America used to do in its golden age.

How's that for liberal?

Having said that, I'm 100% aboard for the second amendment, save for a couple of common-sense caveats.

1) Mentally ill people should not be permitted access to firearms.

2) People who are nominally sane but suffer temporary emotional trauma, like my ex-wives, should have a cooling off period between when they first want that Glock and when they can actually have it. Hopefully the two week period of reflection will keep them out of jail and me out of the grave.

But here's what I don't get.

There's lots of folks in the liberal press who would not in a million years take a police report at face value if it involved the police murder of a black teenager. And rightfully so.

Two weeks ago police in Waco Texas murdered nine people, wounded another couple of dozen, and arrested over 170. The people who were murdered, wounded, and arrested by the police were white, Hispanic, and black.

The liberal main-stream press has entirely embraced the official police version of events.

Not only that, they have bought into some unspoken stereo-type that "bikers" are white thugs who terrorize the law-abiding citizenry of America and get away with it.

Here's an example of the quality of reportage we've been seeing; 6 things you need to know about Waco's deadly clash between biker gangs.

I wasn't there, and therefore I'm not sure to what extent there was ever a clash between biker gangs at Waco. But I do know that the story promulgated by Waco police spokesman Sgt "Pinocchio" Swanton is implausible in the extreme.

What utterly shocks me is that this liberal media platform would take the police version of events entirely at face value.

That's worse than silence; that's complicity in a police crime.

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