Friday, May 29, 2015

Entrepreneurship in Canada 2nd in entire world!

Oh ya baby! We are number two!

I'm gonna set my scepticism aside for a moment and give that happy CBC headline a closer look.

I was doing OK till I got to the part about the peak age range for Canadian entrepreneurs being 45 to 64.

Hmmm... that would be the cohort most likely effected by corporate downsizing. That's when they decide to become entrepreneurs.

Not a lot of fifty year olds walk away from a successful career to strike out on their own. But a lot of fifty year olds are kicked to the curb in corporate cutbacks, and once the severance package is gone and the pogey runs out, they take a stab at "entrepreneurship" in a last desperate attempt to ward off homelessness and penury, because THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR THEM!

The story pretty much tells you that; "...they're just looking to create employment for themselves."

No shit.

And we're darn good at it too. A whopping 9.4% of new entrepreneurs are still in business after three and a half years... which is another way of saying over 90% aren't!

There you have it, a happy headline atop a story that's bullshit from start to finish.

At least it's nice to know that Peter Josty over there at the Centre for Innovation Studies at the University of Calgary is keeping himself in a job.

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