Thursday, May 14, 2015

Big Steve's latest bully attack on Omar Khadr slapped down by Canada's supreme court after record-setting half hour of deliberation

Normally, the supreme court takes months to deliberate over a case.

Harper's latest gratuitous attack on Canada's most famous child soldier took less than half an hour of deliberation.

To say that means the supremes found the government's case "without merit" would be understating things by a wide margin.

They even awarded Khadr his legal costs, to be picked up by taxpayers like you and me. While I'm not happy about that, I realize that's not the fault of Omar Khadr; the blame lies squarely with the Harper gang.
Their relentless bullying of Khadr has been one disgusting shit-show. This is their third loss at the highest court. Are they done yet?

No. They're appealing the decision to grant Khadr bail. No doubt they'll lose that too.

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