Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bupkis; that's how much military aid Canada is prepared to give Ukraine

Defence Minister Jason Kenney came clean today about how much lethal weaponry Canada is prepared to donate to Ukraine so it can fend off the forces of Bad Vlad.


As in nothing.


Apparently the Canadian Forces don't actually have any lethal weapons, at least none that they're willing to share out to a bankrupt failed state.

Especially if that failed state is in an on-going squabble with Vlad the Bad.

Yes, Big Steve will continue talking the good talk at least till the autumn election; after all, there's a million Uke-Canuck votes hanging in the balance, and the Harper gang is doing all it can to convince those folks that it's doing all it can to repel "Russian aggression."

But they're not.

And that's probably a good thing!

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