Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hells Angel sues blogger for defamation

That wouldn't be this blogger. As the regular reader will know, we're biker friendly in these quarters.

As I've said elsewhere, most so-called outlaw bikers are just regular guys who go to work every day.

Ya, there's guys who take things to the dark side, but there's real estate agents who take things to the dark side too.

And doctors.

And accountants.

And teachers and athletes and auto mechanics.

A Hells Angel who tired of being hounded by an anonymous blogger has filed suit over being characterized as a criminal when he isn't one.

He's a regular guy with a family to support.

I have to say I'm not much for the "anonymous" in anonymous blogging. It's easy to talk a lot of shit when you're anonymous. For the record, anybody who wants to can find D. Neumann in the phone book in about five minutes of google time.

But Buddy out there in Surrey, who was happy to spew a lot of shit about a guy he never even bothered to talk to before defaming him on his blog, now claims to be paralysed with fear at the prospect of the Hells Angels coming after him.

Get a life, dude.

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  1. Dennis Watson was booted from the Guardian Angels for being nutso. That takes some special skills no? He got fired from Canada Post for sending emails pretending to be the boss. He cried to the union to try and get his job back. He takes pride in calling himself a police informant. He lies daily, putting people's lives in danger. He once described a group of innocent teens that annoyed him as a criminal street gang.

    It was long past time somebody put a stop to his very open lying. He's basically a very bitter, fat, old man with no life to speak of.