Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crimes of the educators

Ran across this gem on my random internet ramblings this evening.

Yes, it's obvious that educators are guilty of crimes against humanity, insofar as their endeavours have produced a public sufficiently gullible to accept that Obama's America shares a page in the history books with Pol Pot's Cambodia, Hitler's Germany, or Stalin's Russia.

Unfortunately, this calibre of imbecility didn't erupt under Obama.

Sam Blumenfeld was born in 1927.

His co-author was educated in a firmly pro-American-exceptionalism pre-Obama era.

Not that Obama has in any way backed down from the doctrine of American exceptionalism.

But folks who have been educated in the no-fault era wouldn't know that. Nor would they recognize that Blumenfeld and Newman are wall-to-wall bullshit.

Thinking back to the last election cycle, I recall that moment when Mitt Romney castigated a critic for forgetting that corporations are people too.

Corporations are not people.

America in general gave Mitt's egregious insult a free pass; after all, the Supreme court had given the corporations-are-people nonsense a pass too.

So it must be true!

By the way, nobody on the supreme court had the misfortune of getting their primary education under "common core."

Yet they were fully able to come up with such an outrageously moronic ruling.

And when they did, they weren't tarred and feathered or run out of town or strung from the nearest lamppost.

No, American education has been heading down the shitter for a long time, and it's a phenomenon that has nothing to do with Obama and very little to do with educators.

It's a by-product of the Zeitgeist.

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