Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teen tart takes down Senator, tsunami of self-righteous shaming ensues...

Let's call her Ms. X, this "mere child" who carried on an affair with a married fifty year old Senator.

Mere child or not, under Canadian law Ms. X is deemed mature enough to enter willingly into a sexual relationship. Given the facts of the case, we must conclude that Ms. X made a good selection in terms of who she would enter into a sexual relationship with. One can only assume she had the choice of multiple zit-faced teen suitors with no prospects.

Demonstrating a robust sense of self-interest, Ms. X passed by all those eager teens and settled for a man of means and substance; Senator Don Meredith. Not only was he a Senator, he was a man of the cloth, a minister in the Pentacostal Church!

A more perfect baby daddy one could hardly imagine!

Mere child? I think not! This woman had her shit together! She made some smart choices!

Alas, the Lord spoke unto Senator Meredith, telling him to cut that shit out, on account of he already had a wife and all.

So he did.

Whereupon Ms. X spoke unto the Toronto Star, starved for juicy stories in this post-Ford era, and spilled the beans...

Now it's all over but the weeping, gnashing of teeth, finger-pointing, tut-tutting, cluck-clucking, and high-fiving in the Star's newsroom.

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