Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why banning the Confederate flag is stupid

So far, we've got a lot of "voluntary" bans; Walmart and Amazon and so forth putting a finger to the wind and responding accordingly.

That's kosher, I guess. They are market-driven companies responding to the demands of the market.

I think we have to respect their freedom to do what they do in terms of what they stock on their shelves.

What we should be all over them about is wages and working conditions.

But that's another discussion.

Sadly, it's not hard to see where politicians are going to start cashing in on the issue-du-jour and try to legislate the Confederate flag into oblivion.

That would be a massive mistake.

In the first place, that's a move that would run face-first into the first amendment.  Secondly, that would motivate a lot of your second amendment stalwarts to notice the first.


Every public square in America will be overtaken by flag-waving open-carry aficionados, and you know what flag they'll be waving!

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