Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Is Al Jazeera embarrassed to recycle Heritage Foundation propaganda?

I see where Luke Coffey has another of his drearily predictable anti-Putin diatribes featured at Al Jazeera today. Given the astonishing frequency with which AJ permits him to restate the same opinion, they must like him a lot.

What puzzles me is why they are so coy about identifying who he works for, offering up only that Mr. Coffey is employed at "a Washington DC based think tank." It's hardly a secret that Coffey works for the Heritage Foundation, only the richest and most influential by far of the hundreds of far-right think tanks in DC. Referring to the Heritage Foundation as a Washington based think tank is like calling the USA a country in North America; true, but a tad disingenuous.

As for Coffey's latest insight, we are told (for the umpteenth time) that Putin's aggression is an existential threat to the Baltic states and to the free world at large. Russian concerns about NATO's "pre-positioning" of US military hardware in Eastern Europe is "nonsense," because as everybody knows, NATO is strictly a defensive organization.

There might be some folks in Serbia who would disagree...

Or Libya...

Or Afghanistan...

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