Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why there's nothing funny about that hilarious anti-biker propaganda

The land of the free and the home of the brave has pretty much morphed into a police state.

If you're a Muslim in America you probably know that already.

If you're Black in America you've always known that.

But I think the white-ass homeboys are starting to figure it out. Take that Waco debacle a month ago, just as a for instance. At last count, a mere 23 of the 177 "violent criminal bikers" are still in jail. The rest are out on greatly reduced bail bonds, and there's all kinds of legal action shaping up around illegal arrests etc.


But the general public isn't there yet. They're still chewing over the official story about gangs of violent criminals descending on Waco. If you read the comments at the Waco Trib website, you'll see a lot of otherwise intelligent people have bought the official story, lock, stock, and barrel.

They're thanking Waco PD for keeping their city safe!

A police state needs enemies to justify its existence. If you don't have any, you have to invent them. We're witnessing that invention process even as I write these words. Earlier today I made light of the hilarious anti-biker propaganda coming out of Paso Robles in California, where the police department pretty much barricaded itself to fend off an imminent attack by an "outlaw biker gang."

Anybody who knows anything about so-called "motorcycle gangs" would have marked that story as bullshit immediately, as would anyone with a modicum of critical thinking skills. That's why I found the story hilarious.

But there's a goodly cross-section of otherwise decent folks who will automatically buy into the bullshit. If the police say so, it must be true.

That's not funny; it's frightening.

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