Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Is American education beyond redemption?

I've had some feedback lately that suggests there are folks out there who do not realize when they're reading satire. For example, I'll say hey, what a great idea to nuke the towelheads, and I'll get hate mail from folks who think I'm advocating the bombing of Muslim nations.

That leaves me with something of a conundrum on my hands. Is it actually possible to explain irony or sarcasm to someone who didn't recognize it the first time round?

This falls in the category of having to explain a joke, a conundrum that comics have been acquainted with since forever.

I'm not a comic, nor would I wish such a career choice on my worst enemy, but it does leave me asking questions about where things are at with the education system.

The fact that someone may have rudimentary reading skills after graduating from the system gives me hope. The fact that they cannot shake wheat from chaff thereafter fills me with dread.

There are dark days ahead.

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