Friday, June 5, 2015

Once again Cathal Kelly succeeds in making himself the story

That lad got chutzpah!

Cathal Kelly showed up on my radar when he turned a sports reporter's free trip to Sochi to cover the Olympics into a flaming anti-Putin screed.

That got him a job at the Globe and Mail.

But he's at it again.

Yup, handing the FIFA world cup of women's football to Edmonton was a mistake, because when folks the world over tune into the FIFA world cup of women's football, what they're really looking for is the skyline of the host city.

And let's face it, Toronto does have a much more aesthetically pleasing skyline than Edmonton.

Frankly, I don't believe for two seconds that anyone who troubles themselves to dial up the FIFA world cup of women's football gives a shit about what the host city's skyline looks like. I've read enough of Kelly's stuff to know he knows that too...

But he doesn't let that hold him back.

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