Friday, June 12, 2015

Wacked in Waco; when Police lie it proves their integrity

We're closing in on one month since that infamous "brawl that became a shoot-out" between biker gangs in Waco. Still no autopsy results. Still no video footage. Still so many unanswered questions.

Like, just for instance, how many of the nine dead and eighteen wounded were shot down by the police.

In fact, the story has pretty much disappeared. Certainly nobody anywhere near the mainstream media is questioning the official story, as promulgated in its manifold iterations by Sgt. Patrick "Pinocchio" Swanton from day one.

I was watching those live pressers from Waco on that fateful Sunday, and it was the sheer implausibility of Swanton's version of events that first drew me to this story. The fact that the story kept changing just made me more suspicious.

The Waco Tribune editorialized about the biker massacre the other day. To their credit, they allow that the bikers have some valid points. At the same time, they had this rather novel explanation as to why Sgt. Swanton keeps shifting the narrative;

The fact that Swanton continually revised information — and in a crisis situation — speaks of his integrity.

There you have it. He's not lying; he's "revising information."

And that proves he's a man of integrity. 

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