Saturday, June 20, 2015

More hilarious anti-biker BS!

Authorities in California are ratcheting up the anti-biker PR to credibility-defying heights with this effort.

Police in Paso Robles cordoned off the streets around the police station last night in anticipation of a possible attack by the Vagos MC.

Because that's what "motorcycle gangs" do; attack police stations!

Multiple officers from departments all throughout the county are currently surrounding the police station as a precautionary measure...

Ya right! There follows a list of five local police departments plus the California Highway Patrol, all of whom will no doubt be billing the tax-payers for over-time pay.

And if you think the story's not retarded enough, wait till you get to the part about the "bullet bouncers!"

Who makes this shit up!?

I can see why Chief Robert Burton isn't making himself available for comment; I'd be embarrassed too.

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