Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why are nine dead in Charleston infinitely more newsworthy than nine dead in Waco?

On May 17 local police and several federal law enforcement agencies were involved in the shooting of 27 civilians in Waco Texas, nine of whom died of their injuries. The Waco Police Department immediately came up with a far-fetched yarn about a pre-meditated biker battle, into which law enforcement was only drawn when they themselves became targets. The story hit the headlines but had virtually disappeared within 36 hours.

One month later a mentally unstable sociopath murdered nine people in a Charleston church. That story too hit the headlines, but unlike the Waco murders, this story has staying power. A week after the fact, the Charleston nine remain at the top of the news cycle, while the Waco nine are long forgotten.


Why has one story been suppressed while the other gets non-stop headline treatment across all mainstream media platforms?

After all, Waco is the more important story.

Charleston is about race, hatred, mental illness, and above all, the frightening access that mentally ill people in America have to firearms. Since that latter point is not a discussion America is willing to have, the conversation instead turns to symbols.

Maybe it's time to ban the Confederate flag...

Waco, on the other hand, is about the deliberate perversion of due process. It's about half a dozen government agencies conspiring to deny justice to those caught up in the case. It's about shielding the culpable individuals and organizations from being brought to justice. More than that, it's about the national media colluding in that conspiracy.

Nothing to see here, folks...

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