Friday, June 5, 2015

How "free trade" screws the public

This is just one very small example.

Last month the WTO ruled that the USA's food labelling regulations violated international trade agreements because they require companies to list the country of origin on the packaging of meat products.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me that the consumer in the US or anywhere else be privy to where the meat came from that they're eating.

But according to the WTO, that puts non-domestic producers at a disadvantage.

Hell, non-domestic producers SHOULD be at a disadvantage!

Swiss cheese should have an advantage in Switzerland.

Canadian bacon should have an advantage in Canada.

USA beef should have an advantage in the USA.

That's why we have nation states...

So we can take care of our own!

That's just not allowed under all these "trade agreements" our leaders have been rushing us into these last 25 years.

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