Friday, June 5, 2015

Waco biker massacre gets fresh new spin

Almost three weeks after the fact, we get a brand new spin on what happened at the Twin Peaks on that fateful Sunday, and, no surprise, it bears no resemblance to the scenario fed to the public by Sgt Patrick "Pinocchio" Swanton 90 minutes after the fact, or the version offered up by Mr. Bowtie a couple days ago.

According to First Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett, the Cossacks arrived first and fanned out across the patio at Twin Peaks, lying in wait for the Bandidos.

(A complete contradiction of the fabled Washington Post version of events, by the way.)

This, we are told, is plainly evident in the CCTV video footage.


Funny how that's not what Sgt Pinocchio saw.

Nor is it what Associated Press saw on the CCTV videos made available to them by the proprietors of Twin Peaks when they were desperately trying to wiggle out of the massive frame-up that they correctly sensed was about to destroy their business.

Here's an idea; why not make that video footage public?

If there's nothing for the police to hide, why work so hard at hiding it?

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