Monday, June 22, 2015

Into a jobless future 2; the hedge fund edition

So I offered a brief synopsis of a world without jobs.

What will this mean to the dudes at the very top of the capitalist food chain? No offence intended, but they will inevitably be dudes. For a whole lot of reasons I can't get into here, there don't seem to be any women in the upper echelons of the hedge fund racket.

While it's no longer a novelty to see women at the top of the corporate hierarchy, that's no longer the top of the capitalist food chain. The biggest dogs in the corporate world can take home tens of millions a year. The biggest dogs in hedgie-land take home billions!

They do it by taking over companies, or even entire conglomerates, and laying waste to them. Pull a staged bankruptcy to get rid of those pesky union contracts. Loot the pensions. Off-shore the manufacturing, or at least move it to a "right-to-work-for-poverty-wages" state.

Maybe women just don't have the testicles to be that mean?

Anyway, the big dogs in the land 'o hedge funds are exclusively male.

So how's it gonna shake out for them when the working class has been completely decimated?

First of all, once you take the consumer out of consumer-driven capitalism, there's nobody left to buy the shit that those corporations make, whether they make it in Georgia or Monterey or China.

Robots don't buy cars or houses or a million consumer gadgets.

Suddenly all those corporations that provide consumer gadgets are worthless.

That means there's nothing there for the hedgies to dismember and flip.

Then what?

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