Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ahmed Mansour case a test of German sovereignty

Everybody knows that the ascent of Generalissimo al-Sisi to the big chair in Egypt could never have happened without the connivance of the Nations of Virtue, and especially the US.

For all the clap-trap about "democracy" that spews non-stop out of Washington, it was clear that the election of Morsi was one of those aberrations of democracy that could not be countenanced by the West.

Democracy is great so long as the right people are elected.

Electing the Muslim Brotherhood was not what we expected.

Democracy in Egypt has been effectively rejected.

And der Fuhrer Herr al-Sisi is by the West protected...

We shall see now how far Frau Merkel will push against the wishes of Washington. Honouring an Egyptian arrest warrant in Germany dishonours German sovereignty and independence, especially when that warrant comes from an illegitimate regime steeped in everything antithetical to the supposed virtues of the Nations of Virtue.

Freedom of expression.


The rule of law.

Good luck tomorrow, Mr. Mansour... much hangs in the balance.

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