Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pound, Dick; meet the new President of FIFA!

Seems Blatter read the tea leaves, not to mention the e-mails from Adidas and Coca-Cola lawyers, and decided there was no point.

There's now a move afoot to put the unctuous Canadian busy-body Dick Pound in the big chair at FIFA.

Big Dick, as he is known, has a decent day job as a top drawer tax attorney in Canada. That would no doubt put him on a first name basis with the people who matter among the world-class corporate sponsors of sporting events large and small.

But he's also managed to turn his marginal (by genuine Olympian standards) "fame" as an Olympic athlete into a series of well-paid and high-profile sinecures at the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Dick's major claim to fame is that he sniffed out Lance Armstrong's cheatin' ways years before Lance came clean. So did I and about a couple of thousand other pundits, but no matter; we cannot dispute that Dick was on the right side of history on that call.

He also gets a lot of mostly undeserved credit for "cleaning up" the SLC Olympics.

So with his rep as a anti-doping anti-corruption crusader, he's got some momentum behind him here. His long history of making shit up to suit his agenda probably won't be delved into too deeply. He has obviously long lusted for a spot at the very top of the global "sports" order, and this may be his moment.

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