Thursday, September 3, 2015


I was sniffing around the Cobble Beach Concours a couple years ago, and for the $45 admission you'd want to be sniffing pretty hard, when I spotted this California Spyder in the Ferrari display right in front of the Cobble Beach Hotel.

The cars all had these little podiums with car and owner info on it.

This particular car had the name of a local young fellow on it, a fellow I knew of vaguely, and who I couldn't quite fathom as the owner of that particular car.

The car sported the personalized license plate, "armanaleg."

So I asked around...

Turns out my young friend with the Ferrari had a horrific motorcycle accident a few years earlier. He lost an arm and a leg.

But he gained a Ferrari Spyder with the insurance money!

I guess I'm thinking about these things due to my recent motorcycle purchase.

I could lose an arm and a leg...

But my new car could be on view at the Cobble Beach Concours next year!

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