Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Haiti expert admits pot-addled hillbilly had Haiti right all along!

The CBC has a Haiti story on view that pretty much verifies everything I've been saying for years, here and here for example.

Marylynn Steckley, a Canadian researcher, concludes after living in-country for six years that our "help" is destroying the country.


And the pot-addled blogger didn't even have to spend six years there to figure out the obvious!

So Bill and Hillary and their Hollywood A-list cheerleaders have brought 5,000 sweatshop jobs to Haiti.


5000 lucky Haitians are now working poor instead of unemployed poor!

As Canadians we've been more than complicit in damning the people of Haiti to their never-ending nightmare. We proudly assisted in forcing the democratically elected leader of the country from office. Twice.

That's somehow justified by some vague appeal to a racist truism that assumes us white folks know what's best for everybody else.

(Of course we do! The darkies went and elected the obviously insane Aristide into power... we had to save them from themselves by installing a safe stooge like Michel Martelly.)

Haiti is living proof that we don't.

Not that more proof was needed...

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