Friday, September 11, 2015

Some questions about the most recent wave of refugees

There are refugees, and then there are refugees.

German media recently featured an upbeat story about a couple of high-end Syrians staying at the home of Albert Speer's daughter in Berlin. One was an ophthalmologist and the other was a medical doctor. Frankly, that's the sort of "refugees" one would expect to find at the home of Albert Speer's daughter.

But alas, not all these refugees are doctors.

Speaking as hillbilly riff-raff, it pains me to suggest that Europe is being overrun by Middle East riff-raff. But this could well be the case.

First of all, where does this sudden deluge of refugees come from?

We have colluded with various Gulf States and our NATO ally Turkey for several years now to ensure that conditions in Syria are utterly intolerable. It is inconceivable that the recent up tick in refugee numbers is due to the state of things on the ground, simply because we've ensured that normal life in Syria is an utter impossibility.

Could it be that the most recent wave of refugees arrive courtesy of refugee camps in Turkey deliberately opening the floodgates?

If so, it would be prudent for the West to revisit its rationale for the massive guilt complex that seems to be driving refugee policy across the Nations of Virtue these days.

The Middle East is aflame because we set in on fire.

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