Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Raw milk maverick Michael Schmidt busted again!

I see where the local Health Unit's "Committee to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice" is taking another run at the indefatigable Michael Schmidt.

The local Health Unit serves one of the poorest regions of Ontario with one of the smallest populations, but nevertheless manages to place no less than 73 lucky souls on Ontario's "sunshine list."

Not only that, but they are the proud residents of what is surely the most expensive, on a cost-per-foot basis, office building ever built.



Clearly, these folks are serious about promoting virtue and preventing vice!

Among the vices targeted for prevention are smoking, binge drinking, spousal abuse, drug abuse, child abuse, and, last but certainly not least, the consumption of unpasteurized milk.

Ya, 'cause that stuff can really mess you up!

This time round the locals have teamed up with the York Region CPVPC and caught some of Schmidt's milk mules delivering a shipment of the unpasteurized stuff right into the heart of Richmond Hill... TO A CHURCH PARKING LOT NO LESS!!!

Oh, what dastardly subterfuges these devious criminals will indulge.. a church parking lot! Have they no shame!

Anyway, good luck on your next ten years of legal wrangling, Mike!

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