Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Election Santa delivers a timely gift for Big Steve Harper

So a Tunisian and a Palestinian walk into a bar, and before you can say "booga booga" the RCMP, CSIS, the FBI, Canadian Border Services, the OPP, the SQ, Department of Homeland Security, TSA, and regional police services from Peel, Durham, and York as well as Montreal and Toronto Police are convening strategy sessions to get to the bottom of this outrage.

It took years and untold millions of dollars, but get to the bottom they did. Today a court in Toronto convicted the pair, one a drug abuser, the other a schizophrenic, of multiple terror related charges.


Stephen Harper has been right all along!

We are fighting a war against terror right here on the home front! In mere weeks, every Canadian will have a chance to vote...

Who will YOU vote for?

Pot-addled pussy Justin Trudeau?

Flip-flop artiste extraordinaire Angry Tom?

Or the steady-as-she-goes, tough-on-crime, Jesus loving, Towel-head hatin' (unless they're a few docile brown-nosers available for a photo-op) EXPERIENCED AND SUCCESSFUL PRIME MINISTER STEPHEN HARPER?

Take your pick...

And please try to forget that the Tunisian and the Palestinian who walked into that bar all those years ago would never have come up with any "terror plan" whatsoever without the constant coaxing and cajoling and guidance of the myriad anti-terror agencies across North America who invested tens of thousands of man-hours and multiple millions of dollars into making this story happen.

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