Sunday, September 6, 2015

Twilight in America; can Donald Trump's massive ego save America from itself?

My hunch is that Donald Trump's presidential campaign is, in the first place, all about Donald.

But, it's morphed into more than that. The reality-show veteran is making short work of the pretenders in America's ultimate reality show. Here's a rich guy telling the public that rich guys buy elections. For some reason, the public is willing to believe it when a rich guy says it.

Not that there weren't rich guys in elections before; I'm sure W has never in his life wondered where his next meal was coming from, but at least he had the decency to defer to his base - the .1 percenters.

And the Mormon was a hedge-fund sharpie who held untold millions or possibly billions in offshore tax havens; not that the American media had any problem with that, given that the story was completely ignored.

Trump's a different kind of cat. He doesn't mind giving his fellow billionaires the finger. Nor does he mind giving the mainstream media cabal the finger. Nor does he mind giving the forces of Political Correctitude the finger.

Ya, there's no doubt he's a vain megalomaniac.

But that might be what it takes to get the White House out from under the PACs and the lobbies and AIPAC.

Trump could very well be the best president since Camacho.

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