Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Putin's aggression claims another sovereign state

Yes, this time he has attacked Syria.

You remember Syria, don't you? Three years ago the US, along with Britain and France and all those little thriving democracies in the Gulf, had declared that they recognize the Syrian National Coalition as the only legitimate representatives of the Syrian people.

The SNC was a great Hillary Clinton success story, comprised of Syrians who had spent the last 25 years in London or Paris or Washington.

Where are they now?

Still in London or Paris or Washington, I suppose. Hillary's Syrian revolution was stillborn.

In the interim, the evil Assad has invented barrel bombs, which, believe it or not, are exponentially more deadly than American Hellfire missiles or Paveway smart bombs. He has been dropping those barrel bombs on his own people, and all the Hellfire missiles and Paveway smart bombs at America's disposal have been unsuccessful in dissuading him from dropping more barrel bombs on his own people.

Installing democracy in Damascus has proven a much tougher assignment than anyone could have imagined.

Enter Bad Vlad.

The mainstream media in the Nations of Virtue are agog this evening at the cynical disregard for international law and human rights exhibited by Putin, as he joins the fight against the very terrorists that America and her allies have supposedly been raining Paveways and Hellfires upon for the past year.


The Nations of Virtue were so close to defeating Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, and then Putin comes along and bombs the wretched fuckers?

What is that man thinking?

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