Saturday, September 19, 2015

My brother Mustafa

About twenty-five years ago or so I signed some papers that made me, along with half a dozen other folks, responsible for a refugee family from Afghanistan.

Yup, I sponsored Muslim refugee immigrants to this great Christian nation.

And I'm about to do it again.

This time, the refugee immigrants will be from Syria.

Unlike twenty-five years ago, the government is now making it more difficult for Muslims to get here. Their "pre-screening" seems to screen out Muslims in favour of "religious minorities" from that benighted land.

Mustafa and his sister were the first of that Afghan family to arrive in Canada. The parents came later. It will come as a revelation to most Canadians that those parents were both university professors in Kabul back in the day. Yes, women were at one time unveiled university profs in Afghanistan. That would be back in the days before we in the Nations of Virtue installed the Taliban in that country.

Afghanistan was a largely secular and democratic nation at the time, but was seen as drifting too close to the Soviet empire.

We fixed that good!

Just like we've subsequently fixed Iraq and Libya...

Mustafa and his sister and the parents have integrated quite nicely into this democratic and secular society.

Now the Nations of Virtue are fixing Syria.

Time to reach out to the next Mustafa.

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