Monday, September 21, 2015

Koch millions not enough to revive moribund Walker campaign

The moron from Madison has succumbed to the Trump tsunami and pulled the plug on his run for the White House. That's another way of saying the Koch boys didn't see the point in throwing good money after bad to keep this stiff afloat. Politics is just business, after all, and they were well into the land of diminishing returns on the Walker file.

That leaves four Koch-owned horses in the race. According to the most recent polls, fourth place Rubio is now the top Kochette, polling at 11%, while Jeb is in fifth place with 9%. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are consistently trending downhill and will most likely have thrown in their respective towels by Thanksgiving.

Jeb and Marco combined are trailing Trump by four points.

But, it's early days in the greatest show on earth...

Anything could happen. The think tank here at Falling Downs has been tracking unconfirmed rumours that former President Camacho is considering tossing his beanie into the ring. Just imagine a Trump v Camacho death match for the GOP ticket!

Wouldn't that be a great day for democracy!

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