Wednesday, September 30, 2015

US gifts 250 armoured vehicles to Kurds - but holds back the armour!

Here's a howler from the Washington Post!

The Kurds are supposedly America's "boots on the ground" in the battle against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. That's why the US gifted the Kurds a fleet of 250 used MRAP armoured vehicles. You'd think that's the least you can do for our indispensable allies.

You'd be wrong. You can do less by having technicians go to the trouble of removing the side-armour before delivery. In the words of one former American officer, that makes riding in the MRAP in a battle zone akin to committing suicide.

Supposedly the rationale for this spot of idiocy is that the side armour is classified technology and might fall into the hands of the Iranians.

Meanwhile, ISIS, the bad guys America has been targeting relentlessly with over 9,000 air strikes in the past year, have their own fleet of MRAPs, and guess what?

Yup, the Islamic State's MRAPs sport the full side armour!

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