Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Going batshit at Falling Downs

About eight years ago, when we signed over ownership to Falling Downs in perpetuity to a cabal of banks, in return for the pleasure of living here, we didn't take the bat-shit threat that seriously.

Then we got a memo from an insurance company; clear out all evidence of batshit before the property inspector gets there.

Apparently batshit moves property inspectors to disqualify your property from qualifying for insurance!

So for many years, we made a point of shovelling out the batshit before the property inspectors toured the attic.

There are of course may reasons why one might want to favourably impress a property inspector...

Anytime you want to bump up your mortgage, they'll send in a property inspector.

But.... we got bats.

We've had bats in the attic since the day we got the keys to this place.

But we've always managed to get them out, at least till the property inspectors leave.

We were proactive this year.

We secured a batch of bat-boxes.

At the beginning of summer we painted them black.

Then we began a three month debate about where to hang them.

Me and the Farm Manager have always been avid campers. We've camped from the back yard all the way out to Kicking Horse Pass.

We just love camping.

But a couple of years ago, the Farm Manager reveals that she's getting too old to sleep on the ground. So she buys a tent camper.

We tried out that tent camper across Manitoulin and all the way to Massey.

Tried it a couple more times over at MacGregor Point.

We loved the tent camper, or so I thought. For some reason the tent camper never got out the barn last summer.

This summer the FM was religiously watching videos about the newest and the latest new campers to come out. Having a vague sense about where things were going, I pulled the tent camper out of the barn and set it up around the end of July. We never actually took a trip with it, but...

I noticed that we didn't seem to have any evidence of bat residence in the attic anymore!


So, the bat-boxes remain on the picnic table where we left them in June.

But they are painted black, as they should be.

The bats seem to have vacated the attic...

We have multiple mysteries to solve here...

And then the other night I stepped into that tent camper. You'll be happy to know that the mysteries have all been solved.

Which is not to say that all the issues have been resolved...  I figure at this point our best bet is to just burn down the tent camper.

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