Friday, September 4, 2015

Crack team of CBC investigative reporters zero in on octogenarian philanthropist with dementia

Michael DeGroote made his fortune in trucking and waste handling and school buses, among other things. I've never heard any serious person suggest that he did not achieve his fortune honestly.

At least so long as you don't count capitalism itself as a criminal enterprise, which is a not unheard of opinion.

But the Toronto Star is all over old Mike. They've got their crack investigative unit digging deep into the whetherornot of whether or not Mike ever did business with any reputed Mafia types in the course of his career.

For fucks sakes! Anybody who had any kind of business career in Ontario in the latter half of the 20th century did business at some point with "reputed Mafia types!"

What does that even mean?

How do alleged "investigative journalists" at the Toronto Star manage to single out Mr. DeGroote for public shaming and humiliation?

Are there not far more and far more serious scandals in the back rooms of Ottawa? Maybe that's where the Toronto Star should be shining a light.

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