Sunday, September 13, 2015

What to do when your Lamborghini conks out on a country road in Bruce County

True story.

I took the Mustang Fifty out for a spin yesterday, because she hadn't had any road time to speak of for months. So a mile down the road I pass the most amazing sight... an aging Subaru Outback wagon parked behind a Lamborghini. The hood is up on the Sub. The rear cowl is up on the Lambo.

There's a set of jumper cables tying the two together.

I guess the Lambo stopped to give a stalled Subaru a boost?


It's one of those moments when you say "why don't I have my camera?"

An hour later me and the Farm Manager are heading off to our wedding adventure. The Subaru is gone, but the Lambo is still parked at the side of the road. Guess the problem was more than a stale battery. The owner was long gone but he left a minder with the car. Otherwise one of the locals would have had those rims and tires on his pickup truck before the day was done.

The FM snapped a picture with her phone as we drove by.

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