Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Top court slaps down Harper's racist niqab obsession

It was just this morning that I heard Big Steve on CBC radio expounding on how "all Canadians" are aghast that some of them Mooslim women want to "hide their identity" at the very moment they are being sworn in as Canadian citizens.

What an odious crock of racist shit!

By late afternoon it became apparent that not "all" Canadian's felt that way, including the three judges at the Federal Court of Appeal who said ixnay to Big Steve's race baiting.

Here's a quote from the CBC News website:

The case started with a lawsuit from Zunera Ishaq, a devout Muslim who moved to Ontario from Pakistan in 2008 to join her husband. Ishaq agreed to remove her niqab for an official before writing and passing her citizenship test two years ago, but she objects to unveiling in public at the oath-taking ceremony.
In the Federal Court ruling, Judge Keith Boswell said the government policy, introduced in 2011, violates the Citizenship Act, which states citizenship judges must allow the greatest possible religious freedom when administering the oath.
Boswell asked how that would be possible, "if the policy requires candidates to violate or renounce a basic tenet of their religion."
Alrighty then!
I don't know who Ms. Ishaq will be voting for come October 19, but I have a pretty good idea who she won't be voting for!
Welcome to Canada, Zunera!

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