Saturday, September 5, 2015

An honourable politician in the Harper gang? Forsooth... what was I thinking?

It's been a couple of days. For a few hopeful seconds I thought perhaps Immigration Minister Chris Alexander had a "Damascus" moment. Faced with the enormity of the impact the Aylan Kurdi photo made on the conscience of the nation, I'd hoped Mr. Alexander suspended his re-election campaign to reflect on how far on the wrong side of history the Harper gang finds itself.

It appears my hopeful seconds were misguided. All indications are that the Big Steve crowd are consolidating around their utterly contradictory positions on Syria. The evil Assad gotta go, but the Canadian Air Force is over there bombing the crap out of Islamic State, the only force on the ground with any chance of facilitating that outcome.

That's beyond delusional and self-defeating; it's utterly schizophrenic

Be that as it may, the only "Damascus" moment the Harperites are likely to have is when God tells them they have to drop more bombs on Damascus.

As for the refugees, Harper has handled that file like he handles the ship-building file. You don't actually ever have to do anything.

Just keep making new announcements every few months.

That's the beauty of governing by photo-op and press release!

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